Ronix 8014 Cordless Drill Driver

Ronix 8014 14.4 Cordless Drill Driver brings, you can do your drilling and screwing tasks almost everywhere. This cordless drill is designed to be compact and light in weight, so your hands will not feel tired after a long day of working. Its 14.4V and 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery is powerful enough to do various types of applications. If you want to know more about this drill, take a look at its detailed description.

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The motor of this cordless tool is powerful, compact and highly efficient. It can also deliver great performance in different applications and functions. The 8014’s motor that delivers maximum torque of 26N.m will enable you to both drill holes and tighten or loosen screws. With its 21 clutch settings, users can adjust the speed and power of rotating power bits which will result in more accurate and efficient screwing. In addition, it will reduce fastener damage. The Ronix 8014 Cordless Drill Driver is equipped with 2-speed function. This function allows the users to operate this drill in 2 different modes, high-speed (with speed of 0-1350 RPM) and high-power (with speed of 0-400 RPM). Lastly, with this motor you can drill holes in wooden workpieces that are 25mm in diameter and for metal workpieces, the maximum drilling diameter is 10mm.



One of the main factors in a cordless drill is how powerful its battery is. The Ronix 8014 Cordless Drill Driver uses Li-Ion batteries. This is a great advantage because compared to other types of batteries, Li-Ion batteries are lighter. This cordless tool’s 14.4V battery provides enough power to handle various applications, from drilling in wood and metal to screwing and unscrewing. The 1.5Ah battery will allow the users to work continuously and for longer hours. The Ronix 8014 Cordless Drill Driver also comes with an extra battery. Therefore, you will not need to stop working and wait for your only battery to get charged. The fast charging system presented in its charger provide you with a quick recharging experience.



To ease the process of changing drill bits and power bits and make it as effortless and easy as possible, the Ronix 8014 Cordless Drill Driver is equipped with a 10mm 2-sleeves keyless chuck.



The 8014 drill is a great tool for those who want a drill that is handy and at the same time, light-weight. This drill weighs only 1.2kg and thanks to its compact design, you can take it almost anywhere you want. It is especially suitable for working in confined spaces. The ergonomic structure of this cordless tool reduces hand fatigue during longer hours of work. In order to offer perfect machine control, this drill has an anti-shock soft grip handle. The body of the Ronix 8014 is designed to be highly resistant to decrease the risk of damages in case of falling or serious strokes. As you might know, many people use cordless drills to work in tight spaces. Usually, in these situations the amount of light is not enough. Therefore, the Ronix 8014 has a built-in light to illuminate the work space.


To sum it up, the Ronix 8014 14.4V Cordless Drill Driver is a suitable tool for both household applications and light industrial usages. With its durable and powerful 14.4V batteries, ergonomic and light-weight design and the ability to adjust speed and power, this cordless tool is one of the most practical tools that you can add to your toolbox!

20 Items

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