Ronix 7112 Electric Router

Ronix 7112 Electric Router is going to help you in a broad range of applications. Its wonderful 1850W motor working with 220V and the no-load speed of 5000- 22000RPM will probably make it your best assistant on your worksite. Its non-marring plastic base will help to protect the plunge base and aid to smooth sliding on the surface. You can do edge forming, slot cutting and a lot more only by using this single powerful and yet easily-handled power tool.

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Ronix 7112 Electric Router’s 1850W motor is designed to finish all the heavy duties and a wide range of woodworking applications. This high-speed efficient machine delivers up to 22000RPM for the fastest and cleanest cuts even on tough hardwoods. Its speed varies from 5000 to 22000RPM; this will help the operators use this power tool for different kinds of applications at customized speed. It also includes a dimmer to adjust the speed of your power tool. Considering its powerful motor, you can count on it in different applications including precise bit plunging, edge formatting, slot cutting and laminate trimming. Do everything you have always dreamed of doing!



Plug the Ronix 7112 Electric Router in and after turning it on, start enjoying your woodwork journey. It starts as easy and smooth as that, this is actually the benefit of its soft start function! This power tool has a brilliant tool holder with the chuck capacities of 6mm- 8mm- 12mm. You can change or replace your bits safely considering its spindle lock system. This collet is industrially designed so you have no difficulties using the tool for a variety of operations.




While working with such a strong power tool for your wood projects, you will need an incredibly light tool so you will face the least hand force. That is why 7112 with a 6kg body would be a wise choice. Its lightness in combination with its durability and accuracy are the direct results of its perfect aluminum housing. The aluminum die-cast base plate of this tool plus its steel springs ensure easy sliding and improve the power tool’s performance at depth adjustment. For working at various depths, you can also use its cutting depth adjustment mechanism and that’s when you can quickly and perfectly finish all your carpentry tasks.  Despite the lightness of any power tool, sometimes the operators feel uncomfortable during extended jobs. Ronix team has thought of that either by using rubberized soft grip handles to provide a superior easiness, balance and control. The plastic, non-marring base is also replaceable and ready to protect the plunge base and perform a smooth sliding on the surface.  For safety issues like the ejection of woodchips and its possible dangers, a dust plastic shield is actually placed on Ronix 7112 Electric Router. its three-level stop provides you the chance of using Ronix 7112 Electric Router in almost all your woodwork projects. You can even lock your base simply and efficiently when needed due to its base lock system.  everything will be under your control!


Ronix 7112 Electric Router is going to stay in its Ronix color box until the time you decide to call for help! That is when the tool and its 2 helping spanners, collet sleeve and bolts, its flush trim router bit, dust plastic shield, trimmer guide, a template guide and the guide holder will come to help you to achieve absolute perfection!


If you are a woodwork freak and always need a new tool to fulfill your new demands, Ronix 7112 Electric Router with its 1850W strong motor is going to help you in your precise bit plunging, edge formatting, slot cutting and laminate trimming. Its spindle lock system and cutting depth adjustment system will bring you safety and variety at the same time!

20 Items

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