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Ingco 1000cc Air Spray Gun (ASG3101)


  • Standard nozzle: 1.5mm
  • Pattern width: 140-180mm
  • Paint capacity: 1000cc
  • Suitable for base coat
  • With Europe type connector, USA type connector, Nitto type connector and Italy type connector.
  • Optional nozzle: 1.2-1.8mm
  • Operating pressure: 3-4bar
  • Air cons: 4.2-7.1cfm(119-200l/min)
  • Packed by color box



Experience precision in painting with the Ingco Air Spray Gun (ASG3101). Its 1.5mm standard nozzle ensures accuracy, while the 140-180mm pattern width covers more area efficiently. With a generous 1000cc paint capacity, it’s ideal for base coats.

The gun comes with Europe, USA, Nitto, and Italy type connectors, providing versatility. Optional 1.2-1.8mm nozzles cater to diverse needs. Operating at 3-4bar pressure with air consumption of 4.2-7.1cfm, this tool guarantees professional-quality finishes.

Packaged in a colorful box, it’s a complete solution for your painting projects.

Elevate your work with the Ingco Air Spray Gun.

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