LEO 0.5HP Self Priming Peripheral Pump (APM37)


LEO 0.5HP Self Priming Peripheral Pump (APM37)

  • Power : o.5HP/380W
  • Voltage : 220V (50Hz)
  • Max head: 40m
  • Max suction: 8m
  • Max flow rate: 40L/min
  • Max liquid temperature: 40 degree celcius
  • Pipe size in/out: 25mm (1 inch)
  • Weight: 5.2kg


  • Cast Iron pump body and support under special anti-rust treatment
  • Rust-free copper inserts prevent impeller’s block when starting after the pump is unused for a long time
  • Brass impeller with evenly arranged radial vanes
  • AISI 304 shaft
  • Max. liquid temperature: + 60⁰C
  • Max. suction: + 8m


  • C & U Bearing
  • Motor with copper winding
  • Build-in thermal protector for single phase motor
  • Insulation class: F
  • Protection class: IPX4
  • Max. ambient temperature: + 40⁰C


  • Transfer of clean water or other liquids similar to water in physical and chemical properties
  • Domestic water supply with pressure boosting
  • Automatic water sprinkler system
  • Small air conditioning system.

Upgrade your water solutions with the LEO 0.5HP Self Priming Peripheral Pump (APM37).

This 380W powerhouse operates at 220V (50Hz), delivering a max head of 40m and a suction depth of 8m. With a robust cast iron pump body and anti-rust treated support, it ensures durability. The brass impeller with radial vanes and AISI 304 shaft guarantees efficient performance at temperatures up to 60⁰C. The motor, featuring C & U bearings and copper winding, includes a built-in thermal protector.

With applications ranging from clean water transfer to domestic water supply and automatic sprinkler systems, this pump excels in various settings.

Upgrade today for reliable, high-performance water management.