Ingco 0.5HP Peripheral Water Pump (VPM3708)


0.5HP Ingco Peripheral Water Pump (VPM3708)

  • Peripheral Pump
  • Voltage:220-240V~50Hz
  • Rated power:370W(0.5HP)
  • Max.head:35m
  • Max.flow:35L/min
  • Max.suction:8m
  • Pipe diameter:1″x1″
  • Copper wire motor
  • Brass impeller
  • 0.3m length cable
  • Packed by color box

Generally, the VPM3708 is a high-performance pump. It is designed to elevate your water pumping experience.

Additionally, this water pump operates at a voltage of 220-240V and 50Hz frequency and has a robust 370W (0.5HP) rated power. Combined with a maximum head of 35m and a flow rate of 35L/min, it excels in various water pumping tasks.

Furthermore, the VPM3708 features a 1″x1″ pipe diameter which optimizes water transfer efficiency. Its maximum suction depth of 8m enhances versatility, making it suitable for different water sources.

Similarly, the copper wire motor ensures longevity and reliability, while the brass impeller adds durability.  This makes it resilient for continuous operation.

Furthermore, this product is easy to install because it comes with a 0.3m length cable. Also, it is packaged in a secured carton a color box and is ready for immediate for use.

Indeed, the 0.5HP Ingco Peripheral Water Pump is a blend of cutting-edge technology and durable construction that delivers reliable performance for your diverse water pumping needs. Purchase now for a powerful, efficient, and enduring solution to your water transfer requirements.

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